Public-Private Partnership

The Dillon County Public-Private Economic Development Partnership is for the purpose of advancing the general welfare of the residents of Dillon County through programs and activities to develop Dillon County's natural resources and economic opportunities pertaining to commerce, agriculture, forestry, transportation, travel and tourism, to cooperate and offer assistance to existing industries and businesses; to promote and encourage the establishing and location of new industries and businesses in Dillon County; to further the County's interest in other matters intended to foster and develop gainful employment and the pursuit of happiness of all who are now or may be residents of Dillon County.

Robert Abson (Secretary/Treasurer)
William Fleming
Stuart Ames
Linda Manning Hayes (Vice Chairman)
Bobby Holland
Keith Allen
David K. Bethea
Johnnie Luehrs
Allen Strickland
Ronnie Gardner
Ben Fleming

Mike Tyler (Chairman)
Nancy Brigman
Richard Cooke
Lafon Legette
Josephine Gilchrist
Rep. Jackie Hayes
Richard Schafer
Haywood Proctor
Kyle Wagner
Matthew Elvington
Wilmer Arnette, Jr.
Todd Davis